Forgotten Sports Shows

Throughout television history, there have been thousands of shows based on sports. From ABC’s Wide World of Sports to SportsCenter to Friday Night Lights, countless television programs have provided endless amounts of entertainment for sports fans, whether it be through news reporting, comedy, or drama. With the amount of sports shows created over the years, numerous titles that were popular at one point become forgotten … Continue reading Forgotten Sports Shows

Ten Crazy Records in Baseball

Baseball is a sport dominated by statistics. Since its inception, those partial to the game are equally as obsessed with the statistics associated with it. But, for every general statistic, such as all-time leaders in hits, home runs, and wins, there are those statistics that stand out for their oddities. Honorable mentions include Ron Hunt setting the record for being hit the most in a … Continue reading Ten Crazy Records in Baseball

Ten Crazy Records in Basketball

Basketball is known for having many of sports’ legendary records. There are records such as Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game and the Golden State Warriors’ 73 regular season wins that fall into this category. However, there are many other impressive, interesting, and, in some cases, perplexing records in basketball history that are rarely talked about. Honorable mentions include the Boston Celtics scoring 173 points in regulation … Continue reading Ten Crazy Records in Basketball

Top 10 Worst Trades in Sports History

Since the inception of professional sports leagues, teams have engaged in the act of trading players and personnel with each other. Trades are executed for numerous reasons, such as the hopes of a new player improving a team, dumping contracts to save money, or gaining assets through acquiring rising star players or draft picks. In an ideal and equal world, both teams should receive exactly … Continue reading Top 10 Worst Trades in Sports History

Top 10 Sports Conspiracy Theories

Sports is riddled with conspiracy theories. As long as there have been organized sports, there have been accusations of cheating, collusion, and conspiracy. Professional sports is no different. There have been numerous situations throughout sports history where moments seemed too good to be true. There have been other moments tarnished by rumor of ongoings behind the scenes. Here are ten of the biggest conspiracy theories … Continue reading Top 10 Sports Conspiracy Theories