Forgotten Sports Shows

Throughout television history, there have been thousands of shows based on sports. From ABC’s Wide World of Sports to SportsCenter to Friday Night Lights, countless television programs have provided endless amounts of entertainment for sports fans, whether it be through news reporting, comedy, or drama. With the amount of sports shows created over the years, numerous titles that were popular at one point become forgotten … Continue reading Forgotten Sports Shows

The Christmas Day Truce: Soccer during World War I

World War I is considered one of the bloodiest wars in human history. New weapons of destruction were introduced during this war, including mustard gas and trench warfare. So many died during this war that the generation involved became known as the “Lost Generation” due to the amount of casualties having such an effect on the world’s population. The horrors of World War I were … Continue reading The Christmas Day Truce: Soccer during World War I

Top 10 Sports Conspiracy Theories

Sports is riddled with conspiracy theories. As long as there have been organized sports, there have been accusations of cheating, collusion, and conspiracy. Professional sports is no different. There have been numerous situations throughout sports history where moments seemed too good to be true. There have been other moments tarnished by rumor of ongoings behind the scenes. Here are ten of the biggest conspiracy theories … Continue reading Top 10 Sports Conspiracy Theories

Chuck Connors: The First Athlete-Turned-Actor

Throughout the history of professional sports in the United States, there have been athletes that have tried acting once their athletic careers concluded. O.J. Simpson, prior to his legal troubles, was a staple in all three of the Naked Gun movies. Shaquille O’Neal has been in numerous movies since his retirement from the NBA, including Grown Ups 2, Blended, and The Lego Movie. After a … Continue reading Chuck Connors: The First Athlete-Turned-Actor