The Amazing Story of the “Never Miss a Super Bowl” Club

At the time of this writing, there have been 55 Super Bowls played to decide the champion of the National Football League. Since 1967, the champions of the AFC and NFC have faced off to determine who can claim the title of world champion.

Since the inaugural matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, three gentlemen have been witness to the Big Game in person for every iteration. Don Crisman, Thomas Henschel, and Gregory Eaton lay claim to seeing all 55 Super Bowls, making them members of the “Never Miss a Super Bowl” Club.

The club was first brought to the world’s attention after their appearance in a Visa ad in 2010. The commercial, narrated by Morgan Freeman, featured the original members of the group: Crisman, Henschel, Larry Jacobson, and Robert Cook.

Just before the following Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLV, it was announced that 79-year-old Cook wouldn’t be able to attend, and his daughters attended in his place. He would pass away just days after the game.

At Super Bowl LI, the group gained a new fourth member in Eaton, who had attended every game, but had gone unrecognized in the Visa commercial years prior. The group would drop to three again later in the year when Jacobson passed away in October 2017 at the age of 78.

The remaining members, Crisman, Henschel, and Eaton, have continued to appear at each Super Bowl through Super Bowl LV.

Just prior to Super Bowl LVI, the Associated Press announced that it may be the last trip to the Big Game for the club. Crisman, 85, already announced Super Bowl LVI will be his final game. Eaton, 82, wants to continue attending, but with recent health concerns, his Super Bowl future is uncertain. The youngest of the group, Henschel, 80, is the one member that feels confident in his future attendance, wanting to make it to at least Super Bowl LX.

“I still think I have a few years left,” Henschel said. “I’m going to try to make it to 60. But old man age is catching up to all of us.”

Aside from Crisman, Henschel, and Eaton, the only other known person to have attended every Super Bowl is Norma Hunt, widow of former Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt. Lamar Hunt was a pioneer of the Big Game and creator of the namesake.

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